Movable Assets


Whether you are looking to buy or sell fine art, jewels, antiques, plant and machinery or other valuable property, WWP may be of service. Worldwide Properties also conducts auctions of movable assets including:

  • Plant & Machinery
  • Antiques & Jewelry
  • Arts

We prepare and handles auctions of these assets, including handling of the assets, taking of photographs, preparation of catalogs, preparation of auction documents, bidding documents, prospecting investors/purchasers, handling the auction sale and following up with payments. Contact us for more details.

Case Study:-

Auction of Plastic Factory (High Court of Malaya, Seng Plastic Factory Sdn Bhd VS Sim, 2018)
We are assigned to undertake a major assignment in auctioning a plastic factory in Ipoh, Perak including selling hardware, machinery, transportation vehicles and assets. This includes production lines, fork lifts, lorries, computers, ventilation machines, specialized machinery and computers. The entire auction was carried out successfully and a take over was even formulated after the successful bidding. The movable assets, valued at RM 2.5 million, is a very niche practice and WWP is able to undertake such as assignment.