About Us


Worldwide Properties is a boutique Real Estate Consultancy firm based in Ipoh, a strategic location linking the North and the South of Malaysia. Founded in 2011 at Ipoh City, the company specializes in Real Estate Consultancy, Advisory, Project and Property Management, Foreclosures, Real Estate Auctions, Market Feasibility Studies, Real Estate Investments and Research. We now have branches in Malacca, Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. 

Worldwide Properties had assisted many Malaysians and foreigners including Singaporeans and Thai Nationals in their purchases and sales through a fair and public manner with mutual satisfaction for both buyers and sellers. Throughout the years, Worldwide Properties had built a reputation for expertise and transparency in its business operations. During periods of economic crisis, the company was entrusted by financial institutions to hold a series of foreclosure auctions and helped relieve financial burdens by creating a channel for liquidating the assets of various finance companies. In addition, it acted as the intermediary between buyers and sellers, on behalf of the private sector-in the form of companies, retail stores and the general public. During Economic Crisis and High Inflation times of Malaysia, there are a lot of cases where debtors were unable to fulfill their financial obligations. 

We also offers high level expertise in auction sales that would yield the best results for our clients. Many of our clients had enjoyed great profits, both purchasers and sellers alike. We can identify opportunities, risks and assist with various decision making. At Worldwide Properties, our clients are our priority.

At Worldwide Properties, we offer the following Services:

  • Real Estate & Feng Shui Consultancy
  • Foreclosures & Auctions
  • Feasibility Studies, Market Research & Consultancy
  • Leasehold Extensions, Planning & Calculation of Premiums Payable
  • Real Estate Investments 
  • Sales of Movable Assets (Plant & Machinery, Jewellery)
  • Hotels & Leisures
  • Preparation of Lease and Tenancy Agreement, Advisory on Deed of Mutual Covenants 
  • Specialized Tax Planning for Property Companies / Property Investment, RPGT, Income Tax including Tax Audit & Investigation. We partner with our own fully affiliated Tax Audit & Investigation Experts

 Worldwide Properties also held a professional liability assurance.

Worldwide Properties is a signee of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption &  Corporate Integrity Pledge. We adhere to best practices and strive to provide the best property solutions to our esteemed clients.